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Aaron Danielz: Breaking Frontiers in Bespoke Tailoring

Twenty- five year old Entrepreneur Isaiah Aaron is on a mission to get the people of the Niger Delta begin to have a renewed fashion experience. His Clothing Business makes all kinds of wears with any fabric.
The beginning of this journey after Isaiah (The Managing Director of Aaron Danielz Concept) completed his studies in Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Akwa Ibom State. Like many graduates from that one time prestigious institution, his dreams were tall, energetic and purposeful.
Unfortunately, the Nigeria of today does not have opportunities available for most prepared young scholars to access their luck so they turn to what they can create.
With the help of his Catholic Priest elder brother, he went for an apprenticeship under a firm owned by a man who is successfully and gainfully employed by his own skills, talent and poised to get things done.
A year after the basic training and capacity building in tailoring and fashion design, he needed to be on his own. Certainly renting a shop in Uyo was an unimaginable consideration; so what next? He converted his eldest brother’s (Mike) store room to his factory partnered with two other persons with relevant skills; and business started.

“I acknowledge clothing as one of the three basic needs of Man after food and shelter, with the drive to take charge of my world I decided to engage my thinking and creative faculty. My decision to get into tailoring was in contrast to my Marine Engineering background but a still strong voice kept pushing me to go after my passion- FASHION, a very big thing for me as I used to see it on the television, newspaper and magazine. Like the biblical Moses, I had to use what was in my hand to wither the challenge ahead of me”.

Since January 2017, with family, friends and associates, Isaiah has sold about 2000 pieces of cloths and more in contemplation. He introduces mind-blowing, simple but creative design in his fashion products.
“fashion is something that is dynamic, they change with time, with the thinking of the people and according to the different classes of people. My family were my first customers and models, and through their referrals I was able to launch myself into the market. Meeting up with the orders of our customers are very challenging but we try to promote timely delivery , so that we can earn the confidence of our customers, we try to stay ahead of the game by introducing creativity in what I do”.

All going on plan, Isaiah realizes that he might not maximize his potential if he cannot acquire more equipment that will enable him get clean finishing on the cloths he makes. He approaches older colleagues in the business to assist him get some things done.
The fashion business is an innovative demanding trade, the demand for his service is increasing daily, but he has strong needs for a bigger accommodation and equipment.
“as a new entrant into the industry we try to play down on profit making rather strive for excellence, despite the challenges of more spacious accommodation, equipment and personnel cost, I appreciate the encouragement of older colleagues who give me access to their equipment that I am yet to acquire”.

Isaiah has great prospects of surviving in the business because of the range of cloths they make that cut across a wide spectrum of the society; senator wears, suits, agbada, shirts and fashionable trouser.
Isaiah will take the business to another level surmounts the challenges associated with start-ups. He hopes to pursue the dream to the point of owning a franchise that will compete with any brand in the world like Henri Pari of Italy, Yomi Casual and Mai Atafo of Lagos state.

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