A Campaign in the Creek: Uduyok Represents Hope

The major inspiration behind the choice of the name CREEK news stems from the experience that was gathered from the political campaign trail of Rt. Hon.Francis CharlesUduyok for his reelection to the Green chamber of the National Assembly.
Francis Uduyok has had the rare privilege of serving his Local Government Area, Eastern Obolo of Akwa Ibom State twice as an Executive Chairman. Prior to his duration of service, the area was synonymous with political violence and other social elements of instability.
Francis, once described as a jean boy in the early days of his political ambition for Chairmanship because of his age then and the believe that the job was an exclusive reserve for the big boys. In reality, hardwork and providence saw him to the driving seat of the affairs of his Local Government for six years of two terms.
The dividend of his superintendence over Eastern Obolo affairs were peace and stability and development. Everyone, even his worst critics acknowledged his landmarks. The feat of enduring peace is realizable in eastern obolo because he saw every demography across the local government as potential stakeholders and co-travelers in the pains and gains of the land.
The landscape of Eastern OboloLocal Government Area is difficult for a light investment in development. It is a typical riverine settlement with a greater proportion of its population living in the creeks. Therefore, to embark on an adventure called ELECTION in such a terrain is costly-not just in material or financial terms but understanding the pain the people pass through. To meet their needs is not unrealizable but concern, empathy and responsiveness can give answers to their craves.
The lawmaker has done the round across the place he shows so much love and concern, for first as an indigene and as a community leading servant repeatedly. He has always given the people hope and earned their support because he never fails them with the little that comes to the table. He has earned the trust and confidence of his people who deserve more from government.

As a first timer in the National Assembly,his privileges were lean but his performance and representation are robust and satisfactory; he engages his spirit of persistence and curiosity for service to moving motions that would influence INEC’s need to create more state constituencies; revitalization of ALSCON and fourteen (14) other motions alongside sponsorship of seven people oriented bills.
Furthermore, records available has it that, the action oriented Francis during his first four years of representation has initiated and facilitated projects that number about eighteen across IKOT ABASI\MKPAT ENIN and EASTERN OBOLO FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY that he speaks for: IkotAkpan-Iffe road in MkpatEnin, construction of mini stadium in Eastern Obolo and construction of a five classroom block and market in IkotAbasi and other projects.
His efforts, determination and upbeat are not enough to change the story of the people in the creek who have contributed in no small measure to the economic fortunes of the nation.
Contrary to the wrong impression peddled by people who have never visited the creeks, the population there is much. The people are hardworking, self-reliant and proud of their heritage. They come out hilariously to celebrate their own and through engagements, they express their frustrations which are self-evident.
In the face of their deprivation, the people still have hope, in as much as one of their own is with the paddle-Uduyok.
From Okoroette through Ayama Jetty and Okoroette creeks to Ikonta via Obianga creek, honestly, the people are living in absolute denial. The communities along the water ways of the creeks do not have schools, health care facilities while electricity and sewage disposal are luxury and nonexistent, they sleep on water but none is good enough to drink. Sad.
Francis Uduyok in his trajectory shares his thoughts, prayers and dreams for the people. The people believe him because he has been tested and trusted by his people. He represents hope to his people.
It is certain that our leaders in the state and nation have never been exposed to the true realities of the creek and hence their response might not be as rapid as the urgency of their needs. It is because of the need for them to have a voice that this news magazine is enthused.

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